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Check out this month's featured freelancer - Tzara Attwater. Graphic Designer.



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And welcome to Freelance Faces.

This week, we're introducing Tzara Attwater.

Tzara works as a freelance graphic designer and is proficient across the entire Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign).

Read on to hear what she had to say.

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INTRODUCING Tzara Attwater. Freelance Multi-talented Creative & Graphic Designer.

FF: Hi Tzara and welcome to Freelance Faces. 

How did you start as a freelancer? 

Tzara: It all started in London, I'd finished my art and design training at Westminster college and registered with a recruiter for full time work. I was offered a two week position at Citibank (to cover someone's holiday period) and ended up staying several years as a contractor in their marketing department. In those days we used Ventura desktop publishing and (the highly unstable) QuarkExpress.

How long have you been freelancing?

Ever since I finished school. I've only had two full time positions, one of which was a two year position as Studio Manager for The Face.

Why do you freelance?

Lifestyle more than anything, I enjoy the freedom it offers, but equally the challenge & diversity of working in different environments and on multiple projects.

What is your speciality?

Printed collateral. Layout, concepts and colour retouching.

How does it affect your lifestyle?

It allows me to work from home. My partner and I have just finished renovating our house in Bronte and now we both have a great space to work in. There's few things more invigorating than a lunchtime swim to clear the cobwebs and ignite creativity.

What has been your career highlights?

Working six years at the Sydney Morning Herald. I worked in pre-press production, mainly retouching images for the page. When I started, we used neg-scanners and even had a dark room where the photographers would rush in to develop film, in time for the evening editions. That was when a photographer would sit with you and stylise the image in a much more hands on way. I especially enjoyed working with the sports photographers, they wanted everything so punchy and dynamic! It's all digital now, which is great for fast turnarounds, but has removed the personal interaction.

I remember watching Maurice Green (Sydney Olympics 2000) win gold in the 100mtrs, 3 minutes after he'd crossed the line, the image was on my computer waiting to be turned into the Page One image for the 2nd edition. Working at the Herald, during the Olympics in Sydney was amazing and will remain some of my most treasured working moments, along side with my longest. Closely followed by seeing my work published, not sure I'll ever tire of that!

What other interests do you have?

I meditate every day and attend classes twice a week. It's good balancing all the crazy things in life and reminds me to breathe. I'm currently studying web development at the Enmore Design Centre. It's keeping me abreast of new technologies and adding new strings to my design bow. It's definitely challenging but I love it and have already started coding, developed a couple of websites and entered a D&AD competition.


"Tzara ready for the next job... have bike, will travel!"

How do you usually source freelance work?

Word of mouth, direct pitching to companies I really want to work for and various freelance recruiters.

FF: Thanks for your time Tzara!

It's great to have you on board.

Multi-talented Tzara can take projects from original brief through to completion.

Tzara is based in Bronte, East Sydney.

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