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Introducing Becky Edgington - freelance graphic designer & branding specialist.


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This week we're introducing Becky Edgington.
Read on to see what she had to say ... Enjoy!

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Becky Edgington. Freelance Graphic Designer.

Hi Becky, Welcome to Freelance Faces. 

Becky: I have been working as a graphic designer for over 8 years, four of which were in London, then moved to Melbourne to explore a new experience and further my career in design.

I have always worked for studios, but now my main focus is on developing my own design business.

The projects I have worked on to date have covered all different areas in design including branding, environment, in-store, publishing, advertising, web and financial. Throughout all my work, my passion is branding, it gets to the heart of every project. I enjoy helping my clients channel their business vision by producing a considered, creative brand solution that helps grow their business.

I particularly enjoy working on environmental and in-store design projects with an integrated team of 2D graphic and 3D interior designers. My latest project along these lines is for Tesco, a supermarket in the UK.

As a team, we developed a new look and feel for their latest built stores, my involvement being directed to the fresh counters which include the deli, bakery and fruit and vegetable sections. I also worked on department and ambient store banners, samples of which can be seen on my website.

After hours, I have a passion for the arts, adventure and the outdoors. I'm well travelled too, having visited 22 countries so far. I love spending time with close friends, discovering new local music, and supporting local artists at the endless events and festivals around Melbourne.

If you would like to view some of my work samples and find out more information, visit my website at

Becky is based in Melbourne and is available for work - Australia wide. Becky can be contacted by email.

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