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... and welcome to Freelance Faces. This week we're introducing the very talented freelancer - Damien Foxton.
Damien came back to Sydney at the beginning of the year after a lengthy stint in New York. Damien is a multi-talented design based freelancer - with the expertise to manage projects from concept through to the finished product including design, photography, web design and video presentations. 

Damien is a proficient user of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Protools and more.

Read on to see what he had to say ... Enjoy!

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Motion Graphics.
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Damien's Portfolio.

Website Design
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Portfolio - click on images below to see more of Damien's design.

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Introducing Damien Foxton

FF: Hi Damien and welcome to Freelance Faces. What brings you back to Oz?
Damien: I have been in New York for 10 years. I missed my family. I missed the beaches. I missed all types of footy and missed the lifestyle. As great as New York was (and it was really awesome) I missed Sydney. You get a real appreciation for how great this city is when you go away for a while.

How did you start out as a freelancer?
By networking. When I got to New York, I had bugger-all contacts. I had to get out there, go to events, parties, openings and exhibitions. I must have handed out 1000 business cards in the first year. Mostly I made friends, and that's where the majority of work comes from. I reckon nepotism can be the key to freelancing success, especially in the creative fields. I had a fairly wide skill set, so I was able to adapt to things that arose, which made finding work easier to me in some ways. I've been freelancing 10 years now.

How does freelancing affect your lifestyle?
Sometimes you gotta work weekends and nights, but mostly I think my lifestyle is better because I can manage my hours around my social activities. I am a musician, and having flexibility of work schedule really makes things easier when you have gigs, tours, recordings etc.

What has been your career highlilghts?
Having a full time freelancing position in an office overlooking Madison Square Park in NY. Creating a pro photo studio from scratch for Jay Strongwater and transforming their catalogue from what previously looked like an electrical parts catalogue in to a glossy couture catalogue that the product deserved.

What other interests do you have?
Music (playing in bands). I am a sports fanatic. Yoga. Home brewing and cooking. (I love to cook).
Link to Damien's myspace music websites:-

How do you usually source freelance work?
In New York, it was solely through friends and acquaintances. In Sydney, I use recruiters and occassionally get work through my social networks.

How did you find out about the Freelance Factory?
One of my recruiters (Werx) put me on to you guys.

PS. Thanks for the referral Rex @ Werx
Creative Recruitment

FF: Thanks for your time Damien! It's great to have you on board.

Damien is based in Sydney.

Visit Damien's website. Click here.