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Hi {tag_recipientfirstname},

... and welcome to Freelance Faces. This week we're introducing the very multi-talented senior finished artist and creative artworker plus more.
Devin came to Australia from Ireland three years ago and was traditionally trained (layout, typography and typesetting) before starting out as a Mac operator in 1990. 
From an advertising background with experience in DM, packaging and print. He's also a middleweight photoshop retoucher. Good sense of humour with a ready smile - this is proven in the short films he also has written and directed. See link to 'Brixton Bob' on Devin's website.

Devin is a proficient user of Adobe CS5 plus more...

Read on to see what he had to say ... Enjoy!

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Introducing Devin John Doyle - freelance graphic designer, artworker and Irish.

FF: Hi Devin and welcome to Sydney, Australia. 
Devin: Thanks.

What brings you to work in Oz?
I came out as a backpacker in the '90s and always fancied coming back. Finally made it three years ago, this time as a resident. Looking forward to citizenship now.

How did you start as a freelancer?
I worked as a senior finished artist in various agencies back home in Dublin, moving up to studio and production manager at a small multi-national (okay, we had an office in Belfast too). I freelanced for a little while after that - and never much fancied going back full-time.

What are your specialities?
I'm a senior finished artist - with mostly advertising background with lots of design-house work too. I'm a typographer, typesetter, layout artist, visualiser and a mid-weight retoucher. Call me a Mac monkey at your peril!
I work in all kinds of disciplines - today I'm working for a retail-focussed ad agency, yesterday I was doing pharmaceutical through-the-line and over the weekend I was designing a corporate image for a small real estate consultancy. Advertising is my core though - it's where I grew up. I can watch 'Mad Men' and think "I remember that!" - a lot of those guys who were young guns in the '60s were the old hands when I started in the '80s.

Why do you choose to freelance?
I just can't do a full-time job without eventually feeling trapped. Also, I love the variety of freelancing. I never have to deal with office politics. If I work late, I get paid. If I'm not there, I don't get paid. I like that.

How does freelancing affect your lifestyle?
The upside is that I can do my other work - I'm a writer/director, currently studying at AFTRS. Click here to view Devin's short film 'Brixton Bob'. 
I'm also a composer. Click here to listen.

What other interests do you have?
I play soccer, and up until the arrival of a kid on the scene, I surfed. I have a passion for cinema too.

Any thing else?
I once did stand-up comedy on national radio, in front of a live audience of famous funny people. I was terrible. I also speak fluent French. I know one joke in French. "Il y a deux chiens dans un bar ..."

What has been your career highlight?
During a charity five-a-side match in 2001 I cracked a screamer past Ireland manager Mick McCarthy, right into the top corner. Unstoppable!
Finished art hightlights? - hard to say. Finished art is a strange animal - when it's excellent you don't notice it. You're not supposed to notice it. Ultimately, the highlight of my working day is knowing that I've served my client, made them a little money, made me a little money, made their day easier and less stressful and made it possible for their work to go out to the world looking it's absolute best.

How did you find out about the Freelance Factory and what do you think of the concept?
It's a great idea. A small monthly subscription fee beats the hell out of paying 25% commission. Can't remember how I heard about it. Probably Google.

How do you usually source freelance work?
Direct. It took a while to build up momentum but I've a decent stable of regulars now. Always room for a couple more of course! I get good referrals through word of mouth (although some clients like to hoard me!) and the Freelance Factory has started to bring some enquiries too.

FF: Thanks for your time Devin! It's great to have you on board.

Visit Devin's website. Click here.