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 Note from the Editor

... and welcome to Freelance Faces. 
This week we're introducing Divya Singh - talented Melbourne Art Director.
Divya has been freelancing for two years since arriving from New Delhi where she worked with DDB Mudra for three years.
It is great to see that we continue to attract such fantastic talent! 
Here's what she had to say...
Enjoy !

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New York Festival Finalist:

New York Festival BRONZE:


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Introducing Divya Singh
Freelance Melbourne Art Director

FF: Hi Divya and welcome to Freelance Faces.

How did you find out about the Freelance Factory and what do you think of the concept?

It’s hard to ignore a successful site such as Freelance Factory when you’re a freelancer. I first came to know it through Google. I think this concept is so much better than going to recruitment agencies. Hope to see good results soon.

How did you start out as a freelancer? I have 5 years of experience in advertising, out of which I have been freelancing for 2 years. That was when I arrived in Australia (Melbourne) for the first time from New Delhi. I wanted to better understand the working relationship between each department of the advertising industry here, like the studio and the creative, and I realised freelancing would be the best way to have that knowledge as I interact with more than one agency. Not only that, I also needed to know people of the industry too.

As I continued freelancing I started enjoying the freedom and the variety. I was working on different brands and that helped my skill become more versatile. Now I have experience ranging from healthcare to retail to government advertising  

FF: What do you specialise in?

My strongest ability is conceptualisation. I believe everything falls into place if an idea is there. Most of the times the ‘art’ part of the ad is solved when you have a concept. My inspiration for ideas comes from the target audience. Once I understand who I am talking to then it’s easy to know the language of the ad. Just like, if you’re selling a car, your ad will talk differently to a 25 year old or to a 60 year old. And I believe the concept comes from there.

Also, (I think I may be revealing my trade secrets) another interesting place I look for ideas are the forward emails. I never delete any forward emails coming from anyone, no matter how cheesy they are. These emails are very focussed on a subject, for example friendship, marriage, wives, husbands, and even God. Sometimes I can even see a script there  

FF: How does freelancing affect your lifestyle?

It’s fantastic. I enjoy the freedom I get by ‘not feeling like working’ on Fridays or when necessity strikes. I thoroughly understand advertising is not a 9-5 job. Sometimes I have worked weekends and after hours when the job demanded. However, considering that I love to travel, I can plan my holidays anytime I want. Not only that, it’s good to just catch up with people I have worked with in cafes and pubs, and either generate more business with them or sometimes they refer me to an agency who may be looking for an Art Director. Getting more work over a cup of coffee … life’s good!

FF: What have been your career highlights?

A New York Festivals Bronze. And a few finalists in the same. Also received a AAAI Silver (that’s a reputed Indian award in advertising). Now aiming for GOLD.

FF: What other interests do you have?

I love cooking. I am a bit of ‘Monica’ in that sense. I love hosting and cooking and keeping the cushions fluffed. BTW, a perk of hiring me is that I sometimes cook beautiful curries for everyone in the agency J

I love trying out different restaurants and cuisines and twitter about it. Follow Divya on Twitter. Click here.

FF: What makes you stand out from other freelance Art Directors?

I have always been told about the respect I show for my work. Sure everyone works hard and is dedicated, but I respect the work I am doing and even though I am freelancing, I own it. And that means fully understanding what I need to accomplish and deliver more than that. Polish the work nicely and present it well. After all it’s my baby.

FF: How do you usually source freelance work? 

By keeping it simple. Call/contact the CD. Present my work nicely and if they like it they will call. And the ball starts rolling from there when they also refer me to other agencies.

FF: Thanks for your time Divya - we're looking forward to working for you.

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