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July 2009 - it's our third birthday!! Yep - the Freelance Factory first went live July '06! Happy birthday everyone.

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In Freelance Faces this week, we're introducing Graham Abraham. Graham designs and produces larger books, reports and technical manuals for corporate, government and educational clients plus more! 

Read on .... Enjoy!


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Below are some of Graham's work samples below.
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Logo Design

Brochure Design


The above painting was sold recently for $3,500 to someone from one of Australia's largest investment companies.

Introducing Graham Abraham, graphic designer and publisher.

Hi Graham and welcome.

How did you find out about the Freelance Factory and what do you think of the concept?
I found the Freelance Factory on the web when browsing for ways to advertise my services and thought it was an excellent concept. It is great because there is a personal edge to it. Jenni puts a face to it making it seem personal  – very welcome in this day and age. Additionally, excellent and current information is being offered regularly. That has to be a real advantage to any freelancer.

How did you start out as a freelancer?
I was working as a graphic and display designer for the History Trust of South Australia, based mainly at the South Australian Maritime Museum when the first Macs appeared. In about 1989 I bought an Apple Classic with a 9” screen which gave me the ability to manipulate my own type and not much more. Nonetheless it was very exciting that for the first time I had full and easy control of typographic layouts.

As computer technology developed and software such as Photoshop, QuarkXPress and Pagemaker appeared it added a dimension that kicked the whole thing off for me as a freelancer. Read more ...

Why do you freelance?
I love the life of a freelancer because it gives me a great deal of flexibility. When my children were young it meant I was available to much better manage their lives and education.

At times there are demands, however because I work from my home studio I’m not required to commute from the office late at night when a project demands it. I like being my own boss and having hands on control of my business at any time of the day – or night.

The computer and Web technology makes freelancing a dream. The computer is at the centre of things, an awesome tool that I often refer to as my second brain because it is where I do a lot of my thinking and creative work. Recently artwork has been sent to Hong Kong, to Perth and to Sydney for printing and I have done publishing work for a client based in Asia without having actually met him. Read more...

What is your speciality?
My main specialisation is designing and producing larger books, reports and technical manuals for corporate, government and educational clientele however it also ranges to this kind of work for individuals who are looking to produce self published books. I do a range of things which includes graphic and publication design and illustration for varied clientele and for a wide range of purposes. This could mean producing a published thesis for a barrister of the High Court of Australia, doing a Prospectus for an ASX listed company, a visual identity and marketing concept for an eco real estate development or a 500 page family history for a private individual.

What has been your career highlights?

Interesting projects that I have been involved with are the State of the Marine Environment Reports for Australia (SOMER) and a major illustrated signage program for the National Parks and Wildlife Service of South Australia. Click here to read more of Graham's career highlights. Read more ...

What other interests do you have?

Since 2005 I have been working as a Cultural Heritage and Wildlife Artist. Because I worked for the History Trust of South Australia for seven years I understood the importance of personal history to people. I recently started offering commissioned artwork that depicts objects of significant historic value to individuals, families and organisations.

A current commercial project proposal ties in nicely with my wildlife art. It involves producing a wildlife painting which will form the basis for a visual and marketing identity for an eco real estate development in the west of Brisbane. Read more ...