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... and welcome to Freelance Faces. This week we're introducing the very talented freelancer - Jodi Magi. 
Jodi is a graphic designer and also a very talented artist. She currently has a solo exhibition at the Brunswick Street Gallery up until 26th August - so check it out!

Read on to see what she had to say ... Enjoy!

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Brochure Design
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Introducing Jodi Magi. Freelance graphic designer, illustrator and artist.

FF: Hi Jodi and welcome to Freelance Faces. How did you start out as a freelancer?
Jodi: In Perth, my former home, I had worked as an in-house designer for a multimedia company, then a design studio for a couple of years. I went back to study and needed the flexible hours of freelancing so fortunately I had built a large enough network of contacts and a reliable reputation which allowed me to do this.

Why do you choose to freelance?
Many reasons, I like to keep my technical skills, project management and design adaptability up to scratch and feel freelancing means you can never become complacent about these things, otherwise you simply will not get the return business.
Also, I am a passionate artist and freelancing in design allows me the time to do what makes me most happy - paint and draw.

What are your specialities?
I specialise mainly in corporate design, brochures, posters, long documents etc but you have to be flexible in the freelance world. I love advertising as this can be more conceptual and image-focused and you have to really consider the audience and visual language to convey the message while maintaining loyalty to the brand. I also enjoy one-off pieces like invites and flyers. Anything really ...!

How does freelancing affect your lifestyle?
On one hand it can be stressful due to the ebb and flow of the work, but on the other, I love the freedom and challenge of freelancing.

What has been your career highlights?
Gaining all the design work for a large land development company after they realised they could get a better quality of work at half the cost of their advertising company. Also just things like walking down the street here in Melbourne and seeing my work in cafes or on banners in the CBD. I like knowing that my clients enjoy working with me. It has to be a positive experience for everyone.

What other interests do you have?
Art. I currently (at the time of writing this) have a solo exhibition 'The Red Room' showing at the Brunswick Street Gallery (BSG) until August 26th 2010. I am constantly thinking about my next painting. I also love to get away into the quiet and space of nature as much as possible with my man.

How do you usually source freelance work?
This is a bit tricky. Word of mouth and repeat business. I am looking for more at the moment!

How did you find out about the Freelance Factory?
Through a friend of a client who recommended I join up. I love the concept!

FF: Thanks for your time Jodi! It's great to have you on board.
Visit Jodi's website. Click here.