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Hi there.

And welcome to Freelance Faces. This week, we're introducing Kaye Blum. Kaye is a very diverse freelance copywriter and more ...
Kaye has also contributed feature articles for the film and television industry publications and writes the occasional travel feature.
She published her first blog in December 2003.
She is also working her way through a Master of Arts (Creative Industries) part-time and drafting a novel.

Here's what she had to say ... Enjoy!

Kaye's extensive portfolio can be seen on her website.


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Below are some of Kaye's work samples.
Click on image to view more samples:

BodyShop Mag Launch

British Telecom

Introducing Kaye Blum - freelance copywriter, digital content producer, journalist, editor, professional writer, blogger, proof-reader, social media junkie, researcher, marketing consultant, wordsmith, strategist, speed typist, twitterer ... !

Hi Kaye and welcome.
How did you find out about the Freelance Factory and what do you think of the concept?
I saw Freelance Factory advertised in AdNews and thought - finally someone's doing it right!

How did you start out as a freelancer?
I started freelancing when I moved to London after working full-time for direct marketing agencies in Melbourne and Sydney. I ended up freelancing consistently in London for six years at direct marketing, integrated and digital agencies. I had several regular clients, some long-term contracts and a Creative Director job-share-role to keep me busy. Back in Australia, I've been freelancing for agencies in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Why do you freelance?
Whilst I love getting involved in large-scale projects from concept development to final execution, I've always enjoyed having a diversity of clients and agencies to work for.
Click here for Kaye's contact details.

What is your speciality?
Having formal training in professional writing and editing plus experience in arts, music, film and TV journalism gave me solid writing and editing skills. I specialise in direct marketing (DM) and digital, but often find I'm doing a mixure of integrated campaigns, plus the occasional specialist print job.
Client wise, I specialise in charities, the travel industry (airlines, tourism bodies, air miles and travel loyalty programs), arts and culture, cars, governments (mostly health and community related), telco's, retail, fashion and more.

What has been your career highlights?

Probably much of the work I've done for charities. To develop a concept, carry out the creative execution, then get tangible results that actually contribute to a worthy cause is incredibly rewarding.

In stark contrast, I also thoroughly enjoyed adapting the quirky tone of the Carlton Draft 'Big Ad' campaign for their website copy and writing online updates for the Budweiser site during the World Cup (soccer). And I don't even drink beer!

How does freelancing affect your lifestyle?
Freelancing can make it difficult to plan a holiday but I've learnt you just have to bite the bullet and book something and work around it. I find my phone rings the hottest when I've finally booked a long overdue break! But because I've moved countries and cities so often, freelacing has given me plenty of flexibility in my lifestyle, for which I'm extremely grateful.

What other interests do you have?

I'm passionate about storytelling through art, music, literature, the moving image and the ever-changing capabilities of digital media. I dedicate a fair amount of time researching at galleries, gigs, exhibitions, festivals and online. Oh and I also love travel, scubadiving, great food and wine, and St Kilda FC (go saints!).

How do you usually source freelance work?

Freelance agents didn't exist when I first started out so I always found work via word-of-mouth. Fortunately I've managed to sustain a freelance career in four cities this way. But after years of writing websites for clients, I only threw together my own last year using iWeb - quite a feat given I'm not a designer!

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