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This week we're introducing freelance copywriter Keeva Stratton. Keeva specialises in radio commercials, print and online advertising, corporate profiles, web content and editorial.

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Read on to see what she had to say ... Enjoy!

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Introducing Keeva Stratton - freelance copywriter.

FF: Hi Keeva and welcome to the Freelance Factory. 
How did you start out as a freelancer?
Keeva: I began my career freelancing in sound design as a way to earn some extra money while getting my first degree. Having then worked full-time in various media and creative positions for nearly a decade, I returned to freelancing, this time as a writer, just over a year ago.

What are your specialities?
Whether through traditional advertising, marketing, editorial or even the naming of an event, my work tends to focus on brand and product promotion and audience engagement. My background in sound lead me to initially specialise in radio advertising, but as someone who loves writing, it wasn't long before I found myself writing for print, online, direct marketing and outdoor.
I am also a regular film reviewer for Sassiesam fashion and lifestyle writer for RESCU and when inspired, I even dare to share opinion pieces for The Punch

How does freelancing affect your lifestyle?
It's been an incredible change. I have a lot more flexibility now and am enjoying writing a lot more, but it can be very demanding on your time. You're not just a writer, you're also a BDM, an editor, an administrator, a strategist and an accountant - it's a lot of hats to wear, but it's very satisfying.

What have been your career highlights?
I consider myself to be very fortunate. Apart from the traditional highlights of having worked for some very large brands, writing is an ever-enriching experience. Writing has allowed me to meet, work with and interview the most incredible people, travel the world, learn about a never-ending list of topics and attend events that only a few can. It's always full of surprises. And when you're sitting at a cafe and hear a radio ad that you wrote, or open the paper and there's a print piece you sweated over, there is a private satisfaction that you simply can't beat.

What other interests do you have?
I have studied film, radio drama, cultural studies, criminology and law. I love to travel and to cook and I'm always seeking out new experiences and opportunities.

Do you teach your skills to others?
Yes, I have guest lectured at TAFE and conduct writing workshops for small businesses.

How do you usually source freelance work?
Often it comes to me through referral, but I use networking and self-promotion as well.

How did you find out about the Freelance Factory and what do you think of the concept?
Through AdNews. It is a great resource that enables a myriad of creative professionals to come together in a collective space.

FF: Thanks for your time Keeva!
It's great to have you on board.

Keeva is based in Rozelle, Sydney. 
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