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 Note from the Editor

... and welcome to Freelance Faces.
This week we're introducing Lisa Wright.
Lisa is a very talented graphic designer based in Sydney ...
She has also developed Family Organisers (unique calendars) which are a truly great concept and have raised thousands of dollars for charities.
Read on to find out more ...

I first met Lisa at a Freelance networking lunch organised by Lis Dunn of Ideas on Tap in Avalon.
Lis Dunn organises a Freelance Friday lunch every month at the Avalon RSL - and welcomes all creative freelancers from Sydney's Northern Beaches and beyond. 

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Freelance graphic designer and more ...

FF: Hi Lisa and welcome.

How did you find out about the Freelance Factory and what do you think of the concept?

I think it is great. I have met another company through FF and done some fill in work for them when one of their designers took holidays. We found we all had links and ties back to when I worked in advertising. They're just around the corner, so now we can help each other when we have overloads, holidays etc.

FF: Why do you freelance?

I first started freelancing for the money, then after being in the same job for a while I wanted to be able to control the type of work I did. I now look forward to creating great design to help business' grow. The work is varied and keeps me interested and challenged. Just recently I was involved in creating the design work for Sunnyfield Beaches Breakfast. It was an absolutely inspiring breakfast which raised $130,000. The CEO spoke beautifully and introduced their vision about being 'person-centred' - a vision where all the kids have the opportunity to ask for what they would like in their lives as opposed to being told what they can have. I loved it.

FF: What do you specialise in?

I have another lady who works with me a few days a week and we specialise in logo design along with brand and identity. Because of my advertising background, we can devise ads and marketing strategies to launch new products.

We also produce brochures and books. We've been illustrating and publishing a Family Organiser for the last ten years.
In the last couple of years, we have begun to market this as a fundraiser to schools and other groups.

This year's Family Organiser is the Eco Edition which I'm very excited about. (Click on the image above to view artwork.) Researching the info for the calendar was very inspiring. I enjoyed creating a calendar with ideas to inspire climate change for kids and would love to do more of this.

FF: How does freelancing affect your lifestyle?

It means I sometimes work harder than ever, but the satisfaction is worth it. I do miss the interaction with fellow colleagues, but we manage to have a great relationship with our clients. I also go to a few network groups which I find invaluable for leads - but more importantly for interaction with other creative types. Small business on Sydney's Northern Beaches is a great thing and I love to be involved with others just like me.

FF: What have been your career highlights?

Beginning my freelance company 'Beyond Creative' four years ago and still being in business today.

Last year Central Coast Grammar sold our Family Organiser as a Fund Raiser and raised enough money to build a house in Cambodia. They're doing it again this year and hopefully will raise enough to build another one. I love the fact that something we designed and produced can help raise money for great causes.

FF: Do you teach your skills to others?

Not really, but I do like to help a few people who are starting out in business by directing them to speak to accountants and get bookeepers to assist with BAS to free them up to do what they do best. 

General advice on what I have found works for me. I wrote a piece on this for my new website.

Click here to read.

    FF: What other interests do you have?

    I also like to paint, although don't have much time for that now. I've had six solo shows in Manly, some at the Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery. A highlight was doing the art show at the Royal Pines on the Gold Coast where I raised enough money for the Starlight Foundation for a little boy's wish. Hayley Lewis opened the show, so many friends came to support - it was a great weekend.

    FF: How do you usually source freelance work? 

    Usually by referral. I have a few clients who keep coming back to do business. Also network groups have helped. One of my most exciting and nice clients was from a cold call I made a few years back. Local business people working with other locals - you can't beat it.

    FF: Thanks for your time Lisa.

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