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News update...!

This week on Freelance Faces, we're introducing Matcham Caine, freelance ideas man and copywriter.
Here's what he had to say ... Enjoy!

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Below are some of Matcham's work samples. Click on images for more details. Matcham describes the creative process of his assignments.

Print work:

Web work:

Introducing Matcham Caine - freelance concepts and copywriting.

Hi Matcham and welcome to the Freelance Factory. How long have you been freelancing?
Since 1998 after working as an ad agency copywriter and creative director in Sydney for a number of years.

What are your specialities?
My background is direct marketing so I suppose you could say that's my speciality. My particular strength is in helping clients achieve both response and brand outcomes.
I can digest quite complex information including technical, financial and medical information so I guess I have an advantage there.

Why do you choose to freelance?
There are several reasons why I decided to go freelance. Work variety is one - there's more oportunity to expand my skills. I've written for all kinds of media, I've directed and I've done voiceovers.
A sense of pride in seeing my own (albeit small) business grow is another reason. Overall, there's a sense of being Master of My Own Destiny which appeals to my individual streak.

How does freelancing affect your lifestyle?
Although not a consideration at the time of going freelance, I've found that being able to make constructive use of 'downtime' is a major advantage of the freelance lifestyle. I've made headway into learning a foreign language (French) and I've rediscovered an early passion for music. I'm now a performing blues musician and composer.

What inspires you in your working life?
I'm inspired by my fellow creatives and the added value my expertience can bring to a client brief. It's always a good feeling to know you've helped your client kick goals, but when that client is an agent for positive social change the feeling is even better.

Where do you usually source freelance jobs?
I rely mostly on word of mouth for my freelance work. Freelance Factory has been good to me too. My website is an important source of new work.

Do you teach your skills to others?
From time to time I've been invited to speak at advertising courses and conferences. Amazing how this kind of environment makes you think about what you do in ways you hadn't thought of before.

Thanks for your time Matcham.