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And welcome to Freelance Faces. This week, we're introducing Murray Vanderveer. Murray is a freelance commercial photographer, he has been at the forefront of photography and digital post-production for over a decade. Murray shoots fashion, cars, people, products, corporate and really loves to create extraordinary portraits and landscapes.

As well as being committed to developing his own skills Murray mentors young photographers through teaching courses in portrait and landscape photography. He's currently working on courses with the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Here's what he had to say ... Enjoy!

Murray's extensive portfolio can be seen on his website.


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Below are some of Murray's work samples.
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Murray can be contacted on 
mobile 0414 332 777

Introducing Murray Vanderveer freelance photographer.

Hi Murray and welcome. 
How did you find out about the Freelance Factory and what do you think of the concept?
A copywriter friend of mine was offered a job through the Freelance Factory. You can't get better promotion than that!

How did you start out as a freelancer?
I worked for many years as an assistant with the best advertising photographers around, and then moved into working for myself. My first job was a location shoot for Subaru 4WD. I was so nervous about missing those precious moments of dawn light that we left the car in position in a river overnight. Six months later it was still clogging with water! 
I've been freelancing 20 years now! That's longer that I thought!

What is your speciality?
I specialise in landscape and portraiture. Portraits of people in their landscape is probably my speciality.

Click here to see more of Murray's portraits and landscapes.

What has been your career highlights?

Nine years ago, I did a massive project for St. George Bank. We worked really well as a team and it was a very successful campaign, nine years on - the client is still using the images.

This year I also shot a bank of images for Suncorp's image library. The great thing about that job was that it allowed me to explore a really diverse range of industrial, city and natural landscapes, which added to my personal enjoyment of the project.

How does freelancing affect your lifestyle?
Freelancing brings sublime freedom but it can also be stressful if you're not sure when the next job is coming in. Luckily I haven't had too many downtimes, the key is putting them to good use.

Why do you freelance?
If you're a photographer in advertising you work freelance, there's no other option. Working freelance means that I'm constantly collaborating with different people, which is great for keeping the creative juices flowing. Freelancing also allows me to diversify my time into teaching and other activities I'm involved in.

What other interests do you have?
Kids and sailing. I love spending time with my kids and sailing - A sailing shoot would be on my list of all time dream shoots!

In addition to my commercial work, I'm always pursuing personal projects. Last year I held an exhibition titled 'Shot in Gunning' which was a photo documentary of the heros of this small town, the people who are going all out to raise it from the severe drought.

Do you teach your skills to others?

I've been teaching portraiture and landscape courses at the Australian Centre of Photography for a few years now. I love being around the raw enthusiasm of students. The exchange of ideas is always fascinating. I enjoy getting into the student's world and then helping them photograph what they see. It's all about helping people capture their own narrative and giving them skills to tell that story. 

My current project is establishing landscape photography weekends with the National Parks and Wildlife Service which provide the students with an opportunity to explore the indigenous heritage of the land, as well as add to their technical landscape photography skills. I'm loving it! 

How do you usually source freelance work?

Most of my work comes to me from Art Directors that I've worked with in the past and by word of mouth referrals.

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