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 Note from the Editor

... and welcome to Freelance Faces.
This week we're introducing Stephen Franklin - freelance graphic designer, multimedia designer, 2D and 3D illustrator.
It is great to see that we continue to attract such fantastic talent! I'm sure you will be equally impressed when you read Stephen's freelance feature.
Here's what he had to say...
Enjoy !

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Click here to see Stephen's full profile, expertise and contact details on the Freelance Factory directory.

Freelance graphic designer, multimedia designer and web developer. Stephen is also a brilliant computer illustrator. Click here to see samples.

FF: Hi Stephen and welcome. 

How did you find out about the Freelance Factory and what do you think of the concept?

Like eveything else these days ... Google.

The Freelance Factory landed me a great assignment last year that made up the bulk of my work, so thank you! The yearly subscription is worth every penny.

FF: How did you start out as a freelancer?

I’ve been a freelancer from day one practically.

I had a brief encounter with a full time position

at a London printers when I was 19, where I learnt hands on typesetting and film planning. Shortly after this I discovered the joy of using a computer for creating artwork. That was it, I was hooked. My first paid job was redrawing an Aboriginal artists illustration using Adobe Illustrator 88.

FF: Why do you freelance?

I freelance because I enjoy the variety of both the projects that I work on and the people that
I get to work with.
It gives me the freedom to take time out and do things I like, such as spend a couple of months learning new skills or riding a bike through Tasmania!

FF: What are your specialities?

I specialise in creating graphic design from concept through to finished artwork. From my early years of running a Design/Prepress
business in Byron Bay I walked away with both creative and technical skills. This unique combination has lead me to work on a wide range of projects from visualising shop interiors to skinning ecommerce sites. 

FF: What have been your career highlights?

Two projects come to mind. Producing the hero image for the first Bigpond Cable Internet campaign was one. It was a challenging job to work on as it started life as a stock library photo of a fork lift truck. Working closely with the art director we twisted, blurred, re-coloured, and manipulated the image until we had something with impact. Take a look. Click here.

The other project was the rollout of the new Flora margarine artwork across the UK and Europe. I had to manage the master illustrations, backgrounds and templates that would be used by the other creative artworkers at the LFH brand packaging agency for localising the range across the various regions.

Click image below for a closer view of the Flora pack.

It was brilliant to work with so many highly skilled people during this project, I learnt a lot about colour and the various printing methods that were used.

FF: What other interests do you have?

I’m just starting development of the lead characters from a soon to be released novel by Trish Franklin. 

This is an image of the clay models I’ve produced so far. I will be using a 3d scanning system to pull these rough forms into Strata 3D CX for modelling on the computer.

I’m also hoping to start work on a documentary, “The Whaling Question”, with my brother Mark Franklin later this year. He has been working closely with my parents Trish and Wally Franklin, who have been involved in Humpback Whale research for the last 20 years through The Oceania Project.

FF: How do you usually source freelance work? 

Word of mouth is always my preference but I’m not shy of getting on the phone and cold calling potential new clients.

FF: Thanks for your time Stephen.

Visit Stephens website. Click here.

Stephen is available Australia-wide.