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This week, we're introducing Tina Renae. Tina is a freelance illustrator.
Tina has a very distinctive illustrative style, here's what she had to say ... Enjoy!

More of Tina's work can be seen on her website.


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Below are some of Tina's work samples.

Logo Design: 

Read on to see what Tina's client said about her new logo:
"I knew as soon as I saw Tina's work that I wanted her to work on my logo for my business. Her style, professionalism and with a splash of intuition enabled her to understand my needs and wishes. She created a beautiful mermaid that is exactly the image I wanted to portray for my business. I was involved every step of the way and i really feel the mermaid is part of me. I don't have any artistic ability and she could easily interpret my ideas into reality. The mermaid is perfect!" Jen Gallagher. Owner Essential Oil Goddess

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Introducing Tina Renae freelance illustrator.

Hi Tina and welcome to Freelance Faces.

How did you find out about the Freelance Factory and what do you think of the concept?
I found out about FF through sourcing work on the net. I saw the website and thought, wow, that suits me so well! It allows businesses to access freelances all over the world that compete for their project. Competition, I believe brings out the best in all of us!

What sort of freelance jobs would suit your artwork?
Children's book illustrations are a perfect match, as my works are highly detailed and colourful with hidden images (like 'where's Wally?) and usually there's a bit of humour involved.
I have been building up a suitable portfolio full of highly detailed original fantasy work for the last two years for that very purpose, whilst working on my own children's books.
However, my work is suitable for many different applications and welcome enquiries relating to designs for a variety of products.

What are you specialities?
Mainly fantasy artwork, mermaids are a favourite. I offer a variety of commission options on my websites.

How did you start out as a freelancer?
Since I was in my teens, I have been working part time as an artist, having exhibitions, doing a portrait here, a mural there, whatever I could pick up whilst working other jobs. I studied Art Craft and Design and began working in community art in my twenties, helping other artists display their work and get ahead. I decided to concentrate solely on my own artwork as a full time job two years ago when I found I did not have the time to fulfill the increasing requests for my artwork.

How does freelancing affect your lifestyle?
I love the freedom that working in my home-based studio allows and it eliminates the wasted time spent travelling to and from the worksite. I live in a fairly isolated area, so working from home has really been the only option. Also when working with tight deadlines, I am able to work long hours and still be there for my family. I love that!

What media do you use to create your work?
I use acrylic or oil paint on canvas with occasional uses of mixed media, converting the finished artwork to digital forms using a high megapixel camera or scanner and programs on Adobe Creative Suite.

Where do you usually source freelance jobs?
From the internet, enquiries from my website and people I meet. Once people see my work, they tend to think they will have to pay a small fortune, however this is not so - as I work unbelievably quickly and can produce results within a budget.

What other interests do you have? I have many interests, although I do love philosophy, gardening, reading and cooking. I also have interests in interior design and landscaping and have spent a great deal of time self studying everything from plant compatibility to colour therapy and feng shui with the first project being my own house!

Do you teach your skills to others?
I have done in the past, private tutoring and classes. I like to teach my art philosophy, which concentrates on reaching within and tapping into your sub-conscious to create original pieces of artwork. This is not just a great healing tool, but can make art fun for the beginner and more experience painters. I like to open people's eyes to the meaning of the art they create and how much it reflects what they're thinking or going through at the time.

What has been your career highlights?
Most of my career highlights have been when I was working as a community artist, with awards and the like. Since I have been working full time on my own art I have been rewarded every time my work is featured on a website or when my art wins something in a competition. I know there are more highlights to come, with recent requests from international publishers and recognition from major fantasy and art websites. I think I have my family and everyone I know holding their breath for when my books come out!

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