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Freelance Factory Testimonials - What they say

Welcome to the all new Factory Floor

What they say ...

Jenni Naylor - Thursday, November 24, 2016
Here are a few of the comments we have received about The Freelance Factory:-

"Thank you for the years of good service and the great results I've achieved through your promotion of my services on Freelance Factory. Should I ever be back in the freelance market I'll be sure to subscribe again!
All the best and keep up the good work!" James Porrovecchio. Freelance Creative.

"I actually found the Freelance Factory by accident when I was searching on Google for a finished artist with Adobe CS skills to help me out on a project when I was working full time at an advertising agency. He turned out to be a brilliant finished artist, as well as a great designer and has become a friend! The Freelance Factory is a great way to showcase people's talent in an ethical, unbiased way."

"Freelance Factory is great! And it has really worked for me, great job FF! (You can print this)."

"I first saw an advert for Freelance Factory in B&T magazine. I'd been looking for an Australian freelancing site and was keen to start local before I went global. My experience with FF has been good so far. I'd only been listed for a day when I got my first enquiry, which has led to some ongoing work." Jill Bynon. Freelance copywriter.

"I love the Freelance Faces feature - thank you.
I already got two calls. One for freelance work and one from a photographer who wanted to re-do my pic!
Thanks again" Jeff Kaplan

"Just a short note to say thankyou,
Wow the response from the newsletter is quite surprising..
Very happy..
I've had work requests and quotes.
Thankyou again

Petrina J"

"The Freelance Factory landed me a great assignment last year that made up the bulk of my work, so thank you! The yearly subscription is worth every penny." Freelance Graphic Designer - Stephen Franklin.

"Hi, thanks for your welcome email - that's really lovely! I employed Stephen Franklin to work with me at The Fuel Agency a couple of years ago and I have to say - he is brilliant! That's why I've decided to join up to the Freelance Factory myself. I have yet to put my profile together, which I'll do in the next couple of weeks.
Kind regards, Georgie"

"Thanks for the enquiry. I gained a nice client directly from Freelance Factory late last year, so thanks. I’m acting as a brand consultant for a video technology co as well as doing their copywriting." Matcham Caine

"A few days after I featured on Freelance Faces I had two employers in my inbox giving me work. Seems like potential bosses actually visit Freelance Factory. It's a fine service that takes care of most of my advertising for me. Thanks Jenni." Tom Maclachlan. Writer and Journalist

“The Freelance Factory allows creative talent, who would otherwise be somewhat isolated and unknown, to be seen or heard. It is also a fantastic resource for networking.”

“The Freelance Factory's proactive service was fantastic. They appeared to always be thinking of me and sending contacts to me. I appreciated that.”

“When my work overloaded I was able to find creative talent and exceptional service which enabled my business to take on extra clients, which would not have been possible on my own.”

“Needed a freelancer quickly and found one quickly - thank you Freelance Factory”

“The freelance factory has enabled Go Live Media to access a fantastic pool of creative talent when we really need it!”

“An ideal crossroad to match unique skills with specific projects.”

“I found a web developer quickly and easily on the Freelance Factory website. What a great resource!”

“I found the freelance factory website to be very useful.
It was easy to use and I received a great response, fast.
I would recommend it to anyone looking for a freelance designer.”

“I got an inquiry from a fellow freelancer yesterday morning. After we agreed on the fees, I finished programming using “javascript” and “php” and in a couple of hours, it is all done. What a fantastic way of making a modern living!”

“I have found work through the FF website before - it is a good source for me.”

“Since I registered, I have had four enquiries - a mainstream bank in Melbourne, a publishing company (from its CEO in London), a web development group and a top Sydney advertising agency. I’ve already done work for the bank and the web company! I’ve put a put in a prop. to the publishing co. and hope to start working for the ad agency at the beginning of next month. Freelance Factory - you’re GREAT!!!” Guy Morgan, Freelance Copywriter,

“This is my first day here but it is something I have been looking for. Great to see, I am sure I will visit often, it will be great to network with other freelancers.”

"FF is a fantastic idea. Jenni is unbelievably generous with her time and obviously passionate about congregating creatives."

"I was working on one project that took over a year. When I got back into the marketplace, many of my carefully nurtured contacts had moved or disappeared. That's why FF is such a great idea"

"I think Freelance Factory is a fantastic way for freelancers with small advertising budgets to get their name out there."

"I saw Freelance Factory advertised in AdNews and thought - finally someone's doing it right!"

"Great concept! I was introduced to Freelance Factory by a fellow freelancer and hope to see some good results soon as I have only been a member for less than one month."

Happy Customers

Jenni Naylor - Friday, February 28, 2014
Hi Jenni, I have been using Nina's Word for writing club & bar reviews for as she was recommended by you. I wanted to give you some feed back and let you know that im very impressed with Nina and her reviews are awesome, I couldnt ask for more. You can recommend her with confidence, thanks for putting me onto her. 

Cheers, Neil

Welcome to the all new Factory Floor.

Jenni Naylor - Friday, February 28, 2014

Welcome to the all new Factory Floor. The Factory Floor is whatever you want it to be. It is your online community of the Freelance Factory directory of freelance creative talent.

Present yourself to the Freelance Factory, NOW! See examples of how our freelancers express their expertise and personalities. Click here.

The Freelance Factory is not a job site or a 'bidding for jobs' site - the Freelance Factory is a freelance creative talent directory for you. It is all about you. A presentation of you. Let clients, agencies and businesses find YOU! Showcase your expertise now!


Talk again very soon.

Jenni - Freelance Factory art director/editor